If I get a payroll card from my employer and then leave, can I still use it?

by ReadyFUND$ Payroll Card

The answer is an emphatic YES! Once your payroll card is issued through an employer, it belongs to you and not the company. The employer has no control over what funds you have distributed to the card outside of your direct deposit at that job. For instance, if you want to use your payroll card to receive electronic pay from a new or second job, as long as that employer offers direct deposit, you may do so. If you are a ReadyFUND$ cardholder, you can find a direct deposit authorization form on the website listed on the back of your card, http://www.readyfunds.net/ under the tab “Using my card account” and then click on “changing jobs”.

Besides payroll direct deposits, you can also have other benefits loaded to the card. Some of those are tax refunds, unemployment benefits, child support, college grant monies, disability, and social security benefits.

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